About the Event

 Welcome to the 1st annual Run for the Beaches 5k!

This fun, family, beach event has been created to benefit beach re-nourishment in our community. Carli Mikell, a lifelong beach resident and active member of Girl Scout Troop 814, has chosen to host this run as a way of giving back to her community in an effort to gain the highest level of achievement in Girl Scouts: The Gold Award.

All proceeds from the race will be used to purchase sea oats and equipment for the Fletcher Marine Coastal Club (FMCC). Coach Brown, the FMCC teacher sponsor, has encouraged and educated students on the importance of beach conservation in our community for decades. With influence from Coach Brown, Carli is hoping to continue his legacy by helping students from Fletcher High School experience first hand the value and importance of protecting our beautiful shoreline.

A special thank you goes out to TODD O’DONNELL, Carli’s Girl Scout project advisor. Without his guidance, knowledge and support, this event would not be possible.



Fletcher Cross Country Team at their hosted beach run (2017)